Ultimate Soccer Arenas

Pontiac, MI

ULTIMATE SOCCER ARENAS includes fields that are “state of the art” Astro-Turf GameDay grass XPE with built-in TurfAide, in-laid striping and the latest in infill to the envy of any sport.

Amenities include: restaurant/coffee shop, pro shop, state-of-the-art DMC Sports Performance & Rehab center, team party rooms, coaches room, referees room, locker rooms, multiple restroom facilities, HD TV & wireless access, plenty of seating throughout and a second floor mezzanine viewing deck for all fields.

The entire facility has been built to the finest standards and energy efficiency with R-30 insulation rating in all areas. Air conditioning, heat and indirect lighting are designed for the highest quality of play.

There are four full size 11 v 11 fields (110 yds x 75 yds) and one full size 8 v 8 field (85 yds x 47 yds). The 8 v 8 field can be played as two 6 v 6 fields or a large lacrosse field. The three 11 v 11 fields can also be played as four 8 v 8 fields (75 yds x 50 yds) or eight 6 v 6 fields. The outdoor field is a 11v11 field (120 yds by 75 yds). All configurations meet or exceed FIFA requirements for indoor or outdoor play.