Huron Valley Gun Range


Reality Capture Experts (RCE) provides an interactive 3-dimensional map of an entire space, captured with sophisticated equipment, then turned into a dynamic interactive model available on demand by law enforcement personnel.
Whether it’s a business closed for the night, or a school full of children and staff, first responders have the ability to quickly see every nook & cranny in the space before going in.
No one remembers very inch of any building they’ve previously walked through.

RCE can even deliver live feed of a security camera system on premise, if desired. This allows first responders to see inside rooms where intruders are hiding, to see if they have weapons, hostages, hazardous materials, etc. They are now able to deduce best/safest route and opportunity to enter, as well as block intruders from escaping through otherwise inconspicuous routes.

RCE Models have all pertinent data points ‘tagged’ such as duct work for ingress/egress, access points to critical utilities, POV an intruder would have to see approaching police out the windows and likewise tagged sniper positions, with a clear view through windows to remove a threat. All important steps to mitigate risk to first responder personnel and innocent victims.