Why Luxe 3D Tours?

Private Home Tours

Our Interactive 3D tours engage buyers, customers and clients to interact with your space, in a totally immersive way.  An online search is the first step for many home buyers and they expect to experience the home through an interactive experience.  A 3D tour allows clients to engage with your space as if they were actually there, even if they are out of state or out of country.

Advanced 3D Technology – Win more listings

Luxe 3D Virtual Tours include high quality 360° interactive panoramic imagery overlaid against detailed 3D models, created with Matterport 3D Scanning technology. We showcase your real-world spaces like never before, so clients feel like they’ve been immersed in your space, even before walking through the door. Viewers can look inside w/o the roof, or look thru any exterior walls to view the inside spaces, just like viewing a child’s ‘doll house’, but better.

David & Gladys Wright Home (Last Frank Lloyd Wright design)

The Search Begins Online

Forty-four percent of home buyers started their search on the internet in 2016, according to The National Association of Realtors, and 51% found the home they ultimately purchased, online.  Many of these same customers located the real estate agent online who ultimately helped them purchase a new home. Luxe 3D Tours make your listings stand out against the rest.

Benefits of 3D Technology

  • Clients can easily access cloud-hosted 3D models, including the 3D Doll House /Floor Plan Views, from any mobile or desktop device.
  • Luxe 3D provides scan/capture service throughout the US and 70 other countries.
  • We specialize in unique, private tours of luxury homes, aircraft, and yachts.
  • Our commercial division focuses on businesses with unique and sophisticated environments, whose active clientele researches (online) everything they do.
  • All 3D tours with their Doll House/Floor Plan, can be added or embedded to Facebook, websites, Yelp, or any other format a link can attach to.
  • All tours come with built-in social media links, so clients can easily schedule a tour and discover more of your properties.
  • Our 3D home tours are MLS Compliant, can be private labeled to your brand and access can be eliminated in seconds, should you decide to restrict it to only specific people, such as the new home owner.
  • Still Photos are available post-production.
  • While we typically provide all the digital services for a project, Luxe 3D Tours encourages our clients to provide additional digital content captured by other sources – videos, photos, aerial imagery – at no extra charge by Luxe 3D.
  • Our goal is simply to provide affordable solutions to marketing your real estate property, or your business location…simply put, Luxe 3D Tours works for you, and our immersive tours work for your clients in the marketplace.

Did You Know?

  • Our special ‘camera’ is not only capturing panoramic images of your space. It is accurately measuring every square inch and creating dimensionally accurate floor plans.  This feature is available regardless of property size or floor count.


Luxe 3D offers our proprietary ‘Doll House View’ in all tours, engaging clients to experience both ‘birds eye’ perspective, as well as ‘walking through’ a property online.

  • Our customizable Info Tags are available to highlight specific property features. This is helpful for showcasing specific unique amenities to a property, such as primary elements like HVAC, roof and windows, but also details of appliances, digital home networks, theaters, workout centers, room dimensions (within 1%) etc.  Info tags can even display videos and web links about your property’s unique assets, including beautiful staged photos.  Our business clients appreciate knowing that all the popular ‘business listings’ like Yelp, and other social sites, now incorporate these same 3D Tours into the company’s public listing page…even Google has committed to the switch by early summer of 2017.  Your business’s online presence is about to become more dynamic, shouldn’t you be ready?

 Branded Public Tours for Business

Would you book a hotel or vacation spot without seeing inside first? You’ve invested countless hours and dollars creating your unique brand.  Do you make more sales to people who actually visit in person?  We make that critical first visit happen right now!
Click image for a full tour. Click ‘Start’ arrow for auto tour, select other icons to drive tour as you choose. Select ‘Start’ arrow again to continue auto tour, where you left off.

Nothing showcases a business like a Luxe 3d tour.  When people are checking Yelp and Google to learn about your business, just like you do when searching, they will gravitate to the place that gives them the most assurance of a pleasant first experience.  Bringing online viewers inside for that critical first visit, is ‘exactly what we do’.

Got great videos of your trainers at work with clients or groups?  We plug them in for the world to see.  Need to change a video or photo of a staff member?  One call and in minutes, in minutes it is updated.

Planning a campaign for new members, students or clients?  Paste the tour into your email signature block and show every person what to expect.

Found or paid for great food shots of your restaurant or banquet facility from another photographer?  No problem. We plug right ‘your photos’ right into your tour, at no added charge.   Our clients close more reservations while on the initial inquiry call, because they can give an instant tour to the caller, while actually describing in real time, each space the caller is viewing on their own PC or phone.

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